About Us - 美肌の誌 Beautymate
About Us
Beautymate Concept

Act as a facial skin care brand, we pay great attention to the product quality. We do research for developing components carefully. Based on different skin problems, "Beautymate" collect precious natural beauty ingredients to develop and introduce a variety of masks that enhance essence absorption so as to maximize the effect. Different customers can find the most suitable mask. All products are made in Taiwan and in good quality.

Beautymate Mission

We know that "beautiful" is not a temporary effect, what we persuading is lifetime beauty. "Beautymate" has rich experience in production and expertise knowledge on beauty. With selecting high quality natural elements, we strictly monitor in every production procedures. We commit to find the perfect mask to every consumer and take care of your skin problems of any state. Make you young, give you power so as to let you have the flawless skin.