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12 kinds of different skin types Description

1) Muddy skin: dry skin color and muddy, precipitate spots.


2) Inelasticity skin: skin dry, tight, fine lines and lack of elasticity.               


3) Dull skin: black skin color, complexion dark, difficult to remove the stratum corneum, the lack of luster.                  


4) Rough skin: skin surface roughness, fine lines appear deeply.                  


5) Pimples skin: susceptible to acne, oil secretions are more prone to acne.                   


6) Oily Skin: Oil secrete, T word position were significant, nose acne.                  


7) Uneven color skin: stain distribution uneven.                  


8) The aging skin: wrinkles, the lack of flexibility, lack of luster.


9) Sensitive skin: skin tight, easy-sensitive, darker skin.                  


10) Pores visible skin: large pores, rough skin, lack of luster.


11) Dry skin: skin texture, dry, low humidity climate prone to dry lines, cracks.                 


12) Neutral skin: smooth red skin, sebum secretion is moderate, moist texture.