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The Common Skin Problem

Four major types of skin problems


1) Skin darkening - Whitening

2) Skin aging - wrinkle removing and mark removal

3) Dry and Dullness - moisturizes

4) Acne problems - Acne Detox


The reasons for darkening skin


Flawless, snow-white color is every woman's desired skin, but the skins own physiological function of melanin cells against injury is a major obstacle to whitening. Dermis is the layer which has contact with the external air is also the targeted area for whitening skin care products. Epidermis is a stratified squamous epithelium, mainly of keratinocytes, and dendritic cells. Dendritic cells, includes melanocytes, which secretes melanin and is the source of black pigments secretion. Understanding these cells will help to understand the process of darkening, thus providing a great help in skin whitening researches.


Melanocytes composite of about 10% of the basal cells, hair follicles and mucous membranes also contains melanocytes. Melanocytes is located between the basal keratinocytes. Melanocytes work closely together with the basal keratinocytes, transmitting melanin granules, thus forming epidermal melanin units. Melanocytes prvents the skin from absorbing the ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight, as sunlight could damage the skin by UV radiation, therefore pre-existing melanin in the skin will come together to form a protective barrier, thus in this process, the UV radiation causes activation of melanocytes formation, which causes black pigments formation, and ultimately darkening the skin.


The cause of skin pigmentation


The cause of the spots and skin pigment is usually by the sun. UV stimulated the formation of black skin pigmentation caused, which will peel off together with the stratum corneum. And the other part will precipitate in the basal layer, which will through the blood and removed from the body. If these physiological are dysfunction, and so the melanin physical elimination is invalid, the spots will appear. There may be as cosmetics or skin cleanliness, as in some cosmetics may contain lead, chemicals and heavy metals. If the cleaning process is not properly, it will easily lead to pigmentation. The physical and emotional aspects of women during menstruation, pregnancy period, will stimulate progesterone secretion, it may causes pigmentation aggravates.


The cause of skin wrinkles


Between skin cells and cell tissue is the polysaccharide, mucopolysaccharide, fibrin, collagen structure. The main structures are collagen and elastin. With age, the original body manufacture of collagen, elastin and skin lipids function was gradually reduced, the skin began to dry slowly and the skin loses its original elasticity and the wrinkles arising. The elastic fiber of dermis break, the appearance of fine lines will appear. Because of the continuous lost of fat mass, the thighs and buttocks prone to appear fine lines in pregnancy and puberty.